Is negative online content affecting your business image? Take control of your online reputation today!

Are you the victim of negative online content affecting your business image? Maybe you’ve built a company with blood, sweat and tears only to see your products plagiarised and sold illegally online. Or maybe someone is unethically posting distorted content to derail your brand.

At The Red Sea Agency, we are here to help remove online content and help manage your online content eliminating any issues or future issues that may arise.

How to improve your online reputation

Don’t let negative search results define you or your brand! Due to the nature of the internet, it’s easy for an anonymous user’s voice to be heard without any consequence to the user. Whether it be a defamatory review from an upset customer or a rant by a disgruntled ex-employee, a negative online reputation can be detrimental to your business.

How does online reputation management work?

Every case we take on is individual and requires a tailored solution. We will discuss your circumstances in detail and take the time to investigate the facts and your legal rights in relation to online publication.

Our processes for online content removal are tried and tested and provide our clients with fast and effective solutions.

The first step to taking care of your online reputation is getting in touch with us. We will then run an assessment on your business or personal brand to create a report including the following:

  • A detailed report on your individual case (upload dates, duplicate locations, etc.)
  • A proposed plan with options in place to begin having the content removed.
  • Determining if you are eligible for our “No Removal, No Reward” program.
  • A 1-100 score of the likelihood that your content can be removed.

Online Reputation Management with The Red Sea Agency

If there is defamatory content out there hurting your business or personal brand we can help. Talk more with our team at The Red Sea Agency today and start taking care of your online reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions

These days, no company or business can exist without an online presence.

Every blog, review, website, forum or social media post relating to that business creates its online reputation. This reputation is built on the foundation of what the organisation itself posts in cyberspace and the responses and interactions those posts elicit from other users.

Your online reputation is important because it drives public perception about your business.

Just as one apple can cause a whole barrel to rot, one particularly vicious online article can cause your entire
reputation to crumble.

Even an inappropriate image posted on a social media platform five years ago can come back to haunt you and disrupt the public perception of you and your company.

Other problems arise from posts including hate speech or nasty comments about previous partners or employers.

Unfortunately, repairing a bad online reputation isn’t as easy as creating one; and there are no quick-fix solutions.

Obviously, every situation is different, but each one requires a thorough and comprehensive approach. In addition to removing negative comments or reviews appearing in content within your control, you need to work on creating positive relationships with your consumers and establishing integrity and honesty.

Companies specialising in online reputation repair services offer comprehensive services which go beyond removing harmful comments.

Above and beyond the crisis control, a reliable company will develop a long-term strategy based on your business’s specific strengths and goals. This strategy is aimed at everything online, from search engine optimisation to social media management and third-party website monitoring. Once this strategy is in place, it will help protect your reputation in the future.

There are three main points to consider when choosing the best online reputation management (ORM) company:

  1. Longevity – how much experience does the company have? ORM companies that have been around for a while have a more in-depth understanding of the legality surrounding defamation of character, plagiarism etc.
  2. Scope – to navigate the finer details of some of the biggest issues affects your ORM, the company needs to be able to provide solutions on a range of platforms.
  3. Services – maybe you just need an ORM company to clean up a particularly nasty smear campaign or give legal advice on what content can and can’t be removed. This requires a different skill set to a company that’s going to establish an ongoing online strategy for your company.

A good online reputation goes together with a positive brand image. Unfortunately, some traditional businesses tend to overlook the importance of their online presence, meaning they fail to build a positive profile of their business’s services and strengths.

Even if your business operates offline, customers are influenced by your social media activity, website and, ultimately, these are your social proofs which will convince them to use your services.

Quickly, positively and professionally. Most negative content comes in the form of bad reviews or poor customer feedback, which can be dealt with easily and proactively.

More serious situations, such as plagiarism—or instances where someone creates a website or blog in your name for the sole purpose of defaming you or your business—may require the assistance of a reputable online reputation management company or a lawyer.

The first step is conscientious and consistent monitoring of your online profile. You can do this by focusing on the platforms which consistently post information that’s pertinent to your business.

Then you need to formulate a strategy for how you deal with online reviews. Online influencers can also be a huge help when it comes to brand visibility. Keeping an eye on the competition is also advantageous.

One of the most important aspects of your online presence is having an ongoing strategy to deal with reviews, social media activity, website development and content. An online reputation management company can create a professional approach to your online branding tailor-made to suit you and your business’s needs.

By using a company like The Red Sea Agency, you’ll be able to create strong presence in the world of virtual marketing and activity.