How to remove Google related search results

Did you know it’s possible to influence Google’s related search terms?

Have you ever Googled yourself and found a bunch of suggestions that didn’t make sense, weren’t flattering or were untrue? Many businesses, influencers and celebrities are unaware they can take control of what appears in Google’s related searches.

What you can do to improve related searches

An online presence has become a ubiquitous part of success for many people. For the longest time there was little that could do done to control how search engines delivered search queries around names and businesses.

Now there is a way to control how you are found online

To influence related searches on Google is a process consisting of four parts:

  1. Constant maintenance of your online presence
  2. Creating and curating content that promotes a positive image
  3. Get harmful, or misleading, content removed from Google’s related search feature
  4. Work to promote positive searches about yourself.

The Red Sea Agency has already helped celebrities, influencers and corporate businesses manage how they appear in related searches and remove content online. This has allowed them to steer the conversation around their brand in a more positive direction.

Improve and maintain

The Red Sea Agency will improve your current Google related search terms and help to maintain a positive online presence, so you don’t have to worry about it. If you’re ready to improve your online reputation, then contact The Red Sea Agency today!