Are you—and your business—suffering the effects of online defamation?

Defamation is the spreading of false information to someone other than who the information is about. In the online world, this is very easy to do. Anyone with an internet connection can create a blog and post false information. And then spread that information through social media channels, or use the social media channels to post and spread the defamatory content.

Defamation with the written word or other forms of media is known as libel. This is different from the spoken variety which is slander. And it has led to the question: where does freedom of expression end and libel begin?

Freedom of expression or libel?

Legally speaking, the difference between expressing an opinion and libel is not altogether straightforward. With the proliferation of media distribution channels online, policing them all is difficult. Not to mention arguing freedom of expression against libel can, in some cases, raise issues.

However, in simplistic terms it comes down to a basic question: does anyone have the right to ruin someone’s reputation with false, misleading and/or salacious content? Can an individual or group hide behind the idea of freedom of expression to ruin someone?

The answer is no. At least as far as the law is concerned.

For many of us, our online reputation is inextricably linked with our offline reputation. How we are seen online can impact our lives in a big way.

More than ever prospective employers, sponsors and business partners are taking notice of our online presence. And judging us on how we appear online.

You have a legal right to remove defamatory content

If the content posted is deemed defamatory, you have the right to ask for its removal. After all, why should someone be allowed to harm your reputation with malicious lies?

The Red Sea Agency has already helped a client who was losing sponsorship deals because of defamatory content. Our team was able to remove the content and improve her online presence by removing a roadblock in her career.