Is someone else profiting from your work?

What is copyright and trademark infringement?

“Copyright is infringed when copyright material is used without permission in one of the ways exclusively reserved to the copyright owner.” (source)

Copyright material can mean anything from social media posts to blog posts, books and other website content. This material—unless otherwise stated—is for the sole use of the copyright owner, and is protected by law.

Difference between copyright infringement and fair use

When it comes to posting content online there is a fine line between copyright infringement and fair use. While copyright infringement is flagrant theft of another person’s content, fair use is when your content is referenced as yours.

This is typically done by citing the source and linking back to it. Or, if it’s social media content, tagging the original author. But you can’t take an entire blog, webpage, or book and cite the source.

For it to be fair use, the amount of content used must be limited and for transformative purposes. Transformative purposes include quoting a limited amount of content to comment, parody or criticise it.

In such cases, a person does not need the permission of the author. It probably should be noted here that fair use is a somewhat ambiguous phrase. The lawmakers who passed it make it deliberately expansive so it “could be open to interpretation.” (source)

How can you find out if you’re a victim of copyright infringement?

Copyright infringement costs businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. And unless you have a team scouring the internet for lazy thieves profiting off your work, it can hard to keep track of what’s going on.

This is where we come in. The Red Sea Agency can help you identify copyright infringement going on, and help shut it down.

Dealing with the infringing content

Once The Red Sea Agency has found the infringing content, we will employ the right channels to have it legally removed.

Do you think someone else is profiting from your work? Find out if you are able to have the content shut down. Talk more today.