Protect Your Business From Social Media Defamation

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Protect Your Business From Social Media Defamation

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With the number of social media defamation cases on the rise, lawyers in Australia are becoming increasingly aware of the threat to businesses, both large and small. While few of us want to be embroiled in a long-running and costly court case, we have to protect our reputation, especially when it affects a business.

Negotiating the Social Whirl

To help you combat the threat of social media defamation, we’ve put together a simple step-by-step guide to help you:

Step One: Constant Vigilance

Social media defamation can happen at the click of a button but the damage it causes can be extensive and last for years. A negative review or damning comment can damage your business’s online reputation even if you’re not aware of its existence. So, in the fight against having your name blackened and your status damaged, the first step is to maintain a comprehensive awareness of what’s being said about you and by whom.

Step One: Assess and Analyse

You may not like everything you read about your company but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is defamatory. The right of free speech means people can make negative comments about you, your business and the services it offers. Defamation occurs only where the statement made is untrue and can damage your reputation.

Step Three: Be Responsive

If a client has complained that you overcharged them for a service, for example, respond to complaint, asking for the receipt and deal with the client directly, out of the social media spotlight. Once the situation is resolved, you can post your comment alongside the original complaint, proving it’s been dealt with and providing a more positive spin on a negative situation.

Step Four: Take it Down
If you don’t feel the above response is enough or that the comments are too offensive, you can ask the website owners to remove the post completely. Compile a polite letter to both the website owner and the commenter, respectfully asking them to remove the post. If they are still unwilling, you may want to contact The Red Sea Agency for more information about getting the post removed. We specialise in content removal and are here to help.

Step Five: Maintaining your Online Reputation
To avoid further problems relating to social media defamation, it’s a good idea to formulate an online reputation management plan. This is something that many businesses turn to the professionals to assist with. A reliable company such as The Red Sea Agency that specialises in online reputation management can offer you help to minimise potential defamation and support you in the formulation of a positive online image.

Benefits of Social Media Management

Having a team of experts dedicated to maintaining your brand and professional image online can pay dividends for your business or personal brand. Not only will they help you create positive content which will offset any negative reviews or comments posted, they can also set up a system for responding to such comments to lessen the effect they have.

A reputable online reputation management company usually offers the following services:

  1. Removal of negative or defamatory statements
  2. Create a proposed plan of attack for your brand to maintain a positive online reputation
  3. Managing your social media and blog posts to create a constant flow of positive information.

The experts at The Red Sea Agency understand the challenges facing business owners in this new technological age and can create a custom-made plan aimed at establishing your brand online and giving you the best advantage against your competitors.

Not only can they pinpoint any defamatory remarks that maybe floating around out there in cyberspace, but they have a proven track record when it comes to helping people recover after they’ve been a victim of online defamation. Contact us today to find out more!

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