Enrich your online reputation

Enrich your online reputation

Enrich your online reputation

What is online reputation?

When you enter the name of your business into a search engine, what is the first thing that strikes you? Whether it’s clear branding or cluttered chat forums, this is the basis for your company’s online presence. There is an increasing number of people using the internet to express brand preferences and even to name and shame businesses that they have had a bad experience with. Your online reputation can be the difference between success and failure in today’s cut-throat world of business.

With over three billion social media users worldwide, understanding how to use social media tools to establish a strong and positive virtual presence is vital to any business. Millennials are changing the face of the future, so businesses need to keep up.

Let’s explore some of the key steps to enriching your online status:

Tips for a Super Cyber Status


Identify where the best niche is for your business and keep that in mind throughout your social media interactions. Although a broader concept may reach a wider audience, a brand that is clearly focussed is far stronger. Even when responding to comments, maintain consistency with your brand to enrich and establish your online reputation.


Every click on a tweet, blog, Facebook or Instagram post is advantageous to your social media presence. Although, these favours need to be reciprocated otherwise the river will run dry. Imagine you were in a conversation with someone but simply failed to respond to them. Ignoring people who reach out over social media is just as rude and will potentially damage your business’ name, both online and off.


It can be tempting to make a pitch for just how brilliant your company is and how outstanding the service. This is off-putting to many readers who don’t want to be bombarded with what sounds like a marketing pitch. Rather than using self-promotion to enrich your reputation, make sure that 80% of the time you spend on social media communications is general and only 20% aimed at self-promotion.

Be Honest

Presenting yourself and your company honestly generates trust among your clients. While it is tempting to think that no one really reads your content, this is far from the truth. Creating a constant and truthful online presence is vital to your success. Transparency may be a word that’s bandied around all too readily, it’s imperative that you consider it as central to online strategy. If this is starting to sound like a series of late nights and lost weekends, think about approaching an agency like The Red Sea Agency to manage and maintain your online activities for you.


We all know what going viral means but when it happens to you, it can be rather disconcerting. One chat or dialogue may head off in wildly different directions and you need to be prepared to have faith and let it go. If you exert too much control over your social media content, your online reputation will stagnate. Even negative comments can be advantageous with the right strategy.

Help is not a Swear Word

The internet is a fast and furious place to do business, especially as new social media platforms pop up every day. For some businesses, this is simply too much to manage on their own, so they call in the specialists to establish and maintain their online image.

The great thing about having a professional onboard is that they can also deal with the unexpected, like defamation of character, and trademark or copyright infringement. Additionally, they will be able to advise you about your online rights and help you find your way through the maze of cyberspace more seamlessly. So why not contact The Red Sea Agency today and find out more.

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