5 Ways To Avoid A Bad Online Reputation

5 ways to avoid a bad online reputation

5 Ways To Avoid A Bad Online Reputation

Building up a positive brand image is one thing, but it doesn’t end there.

What gives your brand a bad name?

Even if you’ve approached the best in the game to create a fool proof online brand for your business, if your social media strategy and online activities aren’t focussed and positive, it could all come crumbling down around your virtual ears.

You can’t maintain your online reputation effectively by taking a passive approach to social media. Simply reading reviews isn’t going to get you anywhere – you need to take an active interest in what is being said about you in cyberspace. The most crucial thing about your virtual reputation is your relationship with other users and customers.

To maintain a positive image, you need to engage consistently, establishing relationships with your clients and take note of any negative feedback in a positive manner.

Even companies who have employed professional agencies to establish their online presence, sometimes fall foul of a few simple rules that can help avoid a bad online presence. Let’s explore some of the top tips on how to keep a positive image and approach to virtual branding.

5 Easy Mistakes to Make with your Online Reputation

1.     Content with your content?

As the old adage goes, “you can’t please all of the people all of the time”. You’re inevitably going to experience some bad reviews online, just as you have experienced unhappy customers face to face. While you can’t simply erase all negative feedback, you can counteract it by producing more positive content about your business. Posting images and writing articles are two obvious ways of boosting your image. Other less apparent methods include publicising any awards you’ve won and sharing newspaper coverage with your social media network. Joining online organisations that share your philosophy can also boost your image by leaps and bounds.

2.     Ignorance isn’t bliss

While it’s sometimes tempting to take an ostrich’s approach to day-to-day challenges, burying your head in the sand when it comes to negative reviews is a big no, no. Even if you suspect a customer is simply lashing out in the hopes of getting you to offer them a free service, respond patiently and calmly to their concerns.

After all, none of us are perfect and taking negative reviews as constructive criticism both makes your business look good and enables you to adapt to the changing needs of your customers. In addition to responding to all bad reviews, you can also try to stimulate the number of reviews published so the negative ones carry less weight.

3.     Facebook Fumbles

It may be expensive to get a reliable, professional company like The Red Sea Agency, to look after your online reputation for you, the alternative can end up costing far more than just money. Many businesses are tempted to hand over their social media reins to a younger member of staff on the simple premise that they spend more time using social media than their senior colleagues.

The problem is, using social media for leisure purposes is a huge leap of the imagination away from using it strategically to build up and maintain a brand. Often a less experienced person will inadvertently make mistakes that will cost you sorely in terms of regaining the virtual ground you’ve lost and in employing a specialist to come and clean up the mess for you.

4.     Be Present

One of the biggest problems facing more traditional companies is their failure to acknowledge that they have any online presence at all. This means their online reputation has been scrambled together from random reviews and customer comments. Just as walking around with a paper bag over your head won’t stop people from seeing you. Ignoring your online presence doesn’t make it go away – it just makes you look bad. Any online brand needs its company’s presence and voice to guide and shape it.

5.     Is this a bad time?

One of the common misconceptions about social media is that it’s extremely time-consuming. Admittedly, establishing and building your initial online presence may need some input from the specialists. Responding in a timely manner to reviews can be done by anyone and only take a few minutes a week. The more colleagues you have onboard your social media strategy, the less time any individual needs to spend on it. Getting your whole team involved can be extremely advantageous when it comes to creating a positive image online.

If you’re concerned that your online reputation is getting out of hand, get in touch with The Red Sea Agency for further advice.

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